GT-5232 Specification

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Input Specification

Transfer Channels TxD, RxD, Half Duplex
Transfer Rate 1200bps~115200bps
Data Bit 8bit
Parity Bit None, Odd, Even(*Default : None)
Stop Bit 1bit, 2bit (*Default : 1bit)
Flow Control -
Bit Distortion -
Connection 10 RTB
Cable Type Shield Cable Recommended.
Cable Length 1km twisted pair
Low Signal Voltage -
High Signal Voltage -
Data Buffer IO User data 12 bytes
IO size changed Max. 62 bytes
Control/Status 2 bytes
Rx/Tx Length 2 bytes
RXD Buffer 1024bytes
TXD Buffer 1024bytes
Line Impedance 120
Input Image Size 16 bytes (*Default) @ Max. 62 bytes
Output Image Size 16 bytes (*Default) @ Max. 62 bytes

General specification

Power Dissipation Max. 85mA @ 5.0Vdc
Isolation I/O to Logic : Isolation
Logic to Field power : Isolation (Not used)
Logic to System Power : Non-isolation
Relative Humidity 5% ~ 90%
Field Power Not used (Field Power is bypass)
Wiring I/O Cable Max. 2.0mm2(AWG 14)
Weight 57g
Module Size 12mm x 99mm x 70mm