GT-349F Specification

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Input Specification

Inputs per module 16 Channels single ended, non-isolated between channels
Indicators 1 Green G-Bus status
Resolution in Ranges 16 bit (Include Sign)
15 bits : 0.31mV/bit(0~10V) , 0.15mV/bit(0~5V), 0.12mV/bit(1~5Vdc)
Input Current Range 0~10Vdc, 0~5Vdc, 1~5Vdc
Data Format 16bits Integer (2' compliment)
Module Error ±0.1% Full Scale @ 25℃
±0.3% Full Scale @ -40℃~60℃
Input Impedance 500k Ohm
Conversion Time All channel < 1.3ms
Calibration Not Required
Common Type 2 Common, Field Power 0V is Common(AGND)

General specification

Power dissipation 210mA maximum @ 5.0Vdc
Isolation I/O to Logic : Photocoupler Isolation
Field Power : Non-Isolation
Field Power Not used Field power bypass to next expansion module
Wiring I/O Cable Max. 0.75mm2(AWG 14)
Weight 63g
Module Size 12mm x 109mm x 70mm