GN-9373 Specification

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Programmable Specification

Programming CoDeSys V3.5.11.3
Program Memory 16 MBytes
Data Memory 16 MBytes
IO Input: %IW0 ~%IW2047 (2048 words)
IO Output: %QW0 ~%QW2047 (2048 words)
Memory: %MW0 ~ %MW8191 (8192 words)
Non-Volatile Memory 32 KBytes (Retain : 16 KBytes, Flag : 16 KBytes)
Run-Time System Multiple PLC Tasks
Program Languages IEC 61131-3 (LD, IL, ST, FBD, SFC)
OPC-Server DA
Online Change Supporting
Source Upload/Download Supporting
File transmit Supporting
Breakpoint Supporting
Webvisualization Supporting
RTC Retain Time : < 1 day Accuracy : < 2min/month (TBD)
Max. Task 10
Max. Cycle Task 10
Max. Status Task 10
Process Time 7usec (90 Instructions)

General specification

System Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal
Supply voltage range : 15~32Vdc
Protection : Output current limit (Min. 1.5A) / Reverse polarity protection
Power Dissipation 110mA typical @ 24Vdc
Current for I/O Module 1.5A @ 5Vdc
Isolation System power to internal logic : Non-isolation
System power I/O driver : Isolation
Field Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc typical (Max. 32Vdc)
Field Power Range is different depending on IO Module series.
Refer to IO Module`s Specification.
Max. Current Field Power Contact DC 10A Max.
Weight <167g
Module Size 54mm x 99mm x 70mm